Take action

  • Join the demos against live exports at ramsgate

Your help is needed! Live animal exports from the UK currently go through the port of Ramsgate in Kent and demonstrations take place regularly. For more information please contact this facebook page:

  • Go vegan

This is something everyone can do! If you buy meat and dairy you are paying for cruelty to be inflicted on animals with the same capacity to suffer as we do. If you are still consuming animal products please consider cutting them out of your diet. With so many vegan options in the supermarkets and restaurants, being vegan has never been easier, and the environment and your health will benefit too.


  • educate yourself and others

We recommend watching these documentaries for the truth about animal abuse in the meat and dairy industries:



If you are able to, get involved with your local animal rights group.

The UK government have announced plans to end 'excessively long journeys' of animals for fattening or slaughter. To keep up the political pressure for a total ban click here.

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