Fallen Heroes

Many people have lost their lives or been seriously injured whilst fighting for animal liberation, here we remember some of them.

mike hill


Towards the end of the day's hunting with no kill, the huntsman boxed up his hounds in a trailer being towed by an open-top pick-up truck. The kennel huntsman, Alan Summersgill, with another man, got into the pick-up and on impulse, three sabs who were nearby jumped onto the back of it to prevent them driving the pack to another location to continue hunting.

Summersgill drove off at high speeds down winding country roads for 5 miles with the terrified sabs clinging onto the back. It is thought that Mike jumped from the pick-up as it slowed to take a bend. He failed to clear the truck properly and was caught between the truck and the trailer, which crushed him. Mike died where he lay on the road.

Despite the thud and the screams of the other sabs, Summersgill continued driving. The truck only came to a halt when one of the sabs, in desperation, smashed the rear window of the cab.

The sab was hit with a whip as he tried to stop the truck. Once it had stopped one sab ran back to Mike's prone body while the other ran to a nearby house to call for an ambulance. Summersgill drove off.

He later handed himself in at a police station. No charges were brought against him and in a travesty of justice, a verdict of 'accidental death' was brought at the inquest.

Athough hunting with hounds has now been banned in the UK the law is not being enforced, therefore hunt sabotage is just as necessary today as it ever was.

Hunt Saboteur Mike Hill was killed on the 9th of February 1991 at a meet of the Cheshire Beagles.

Tom worby

Tom Worby.jpg

On the 3rd of April 1993, a 15 year old hunt saboteur named Tom Worby was crushed under the wheels of the Cambridgeshire

Fox Hunt's hound van in an incident all too reminiscent of the killing of Mike Hill two years before.

After a successful day's sabbing, the hunt had boxed up and sabs were making their way back to the meet down a narrow lane. As the hound van sped up behind them revving its engine, sabs scrambled for the roadside; however Tom's jacket became snagged in the vehicles wing mirror and he was dragged some distance before he managed to gain a foothold on the van's running board. Although he banged on the window the driver did not stop, and when Tom finally lost his grip, he fell onto the road and under the truck's wheels. His head was crushed by the rear wheels of the vehicle and he died shortly afterwards. No action was taken against the driver of the hound van huntsman Alan Ball.

Vicki moore


In 1987, after becoming aware of the shocking cruelty involved in Spanish Blood Fiestas, Vicki Moore and her husband Tony, formed Fight Against Animal

Cruelty in Europe (FAACE) to expose the cruelty and campaign for the end of this animal torture.

In June 1995, during her ninth year of investigating and exposing Blood Fiestas, Vicki Moore was near fatally gored by a bull named 'Argentino', at the fiesta of San Juan, Coria, Spain.

Vicki got too close to the bull while she was filming the poor animal, maddened by terror and pain having been mercilessly goaded and tortured by the crowd. She was tossed into the air ten times. She lay bleeding to death on the street for a full five minutes before the bull was able to be forced away from her. She sustained horrific injuries, eleven serious horn wounds and multiple lesser ones. These injuries included a punctured and torn lung, the loss of a kidney, eight shattered ribs, a completely smashed foot, many internal injuries, one leg nearly severed, plus twelve inch rips over her body and limbs. A seven hour operation in Coria saved Vicki's life.

She remained in a coma and was on the critical list for nearly four weeks in Caceres.

After returning to England, Vicki underwent a painful recovery with further major surgery. She was confined to a wheelchair for six months.

In July 1996 Vicki returned to Spain to carry on her work.

She underwent further operations and, despite being in constant pain and very poor health as a result of her injuries, continued to campaign for the animals until her death on the 6th February 2000.

barry horne


Barry Horne was a dedicated animal rights activist who fought for animals for many years. Although he campaigned in various ways,

direct action and animal liberation were the methods he favoured. Barry was imprisoned for a number of attacks on targets involved in animal abuse.

Whilst in prison during the late 90`s he embarked on a series of hunger strikes in an effort to pressurise the government to honour their pre-election promise to set up a Royal Commission into the fraudulent 'science' of vivisection. His hunger strikes created world wide publicity for the cause. Animal testing was headline news day after day for weeks on end. His third hunger strike pushed his body to the limits and he was very close to death. After 68 days Barry ended his hunger strike believing that government ministers had again promised enough to satisfy his demands.

Once again the government failed to keep their promises. Despite knowing his body had already been caused irreversible damage from that third hunger strike, he embarked on another. After 2 weeks without food he died in the hospital wing of Long Lartin Prison in Worcestershire on November 5th 2001.